Radionics may be described as the use of tunable appliances to monitor or precondition the subtle energy fields underlying physical matter and events. This website was created for experimenters seeking hard-to-find details on design and construction of the two most recognizable versions of these intriguing devices.

Radionic pioneer George De la Warr tuning the “multi-oscillator”, circa 1950’s

Working Model

We advocate a scientific rather than metaphysical paradigm for several reasons. It benefits from an edifying confluence with both popular belief (consensus reality) and the eighty year momentum of radionics as an electronics-inspired modality. Furthermore, as an aid to conceptualization, each stage of operation may be assigned to one or more aspects of modern physics as illustrated below.

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In Practice

The scope for radionics-induced change is as unlimited as the imagination. However, to disclaim prior association with regulated therapeutic practices, all content within these pages is directed toward agricultural experimentation. The following routine methodology is indicative of this context.

A leaf is picked from a distressed tree. This “witness” is placed within a receptacle (well), thereby creating a bidirectional energetic link with its source. A numeric code (rate) for the desired outcome is chosen from a published list, and spatially “unpacked” upon rotary surfaces within the tuners.

Simulation of nodal matrix between radionic instrument operator and subject

Conjunction of the two foregoing acts establishes a targeted informational resonance. This is conducted to an output antenna, designed to mediate with the quantum domain. Within the latter’s effervescent state thereby is stabilized a replicate of the tuning objective. Given sufficient input, this condenses as “solid” experiential reality, independent of intervening physical distance or matter.

Stated another way, a degree of validating consciousness must be applied to collapse the wave function of programmed intent. For this reason, it is most expedient to align one’s purpose with universally accepted trends and outcomes. This includes basing one’s operations within an energetically positive, non-interfering space. To avoid adaptive resistance by the subject, an intermittent schedule of “on” time is often advised, e.g. three half hour sessions per day while actively monitoring for results.

The predisposing effect of virtual particle flux upon formation of subordinate matter

The foregoing process also works in reverse, thereby permitting remote monitoring through a learned skill of bio-transduction. For this purpose, a glossy acrylic “stick plate” is ordinarily fitted to the control panel. Whenever there is a true correlation between a condition dialed on the tuners and the actual state of the witnessed entity, a sudden adhesion is felt by the fingertips as they rub its surface in a slow circular motion. This is caused by autonomic activation of sweat glands, akin to conventional lie detection. Because general use is beyond the purview of this website, supplementary documentation of this type may be downloaded at the Rates and Literature page.

Build Your Own

For descriptive value and authenticity, this website relies largely upon pictorial content. This includes photos of noteworthy historical instruments. One challenge is how to interpret their varied configurations in terms of a unified operating principle. To address this point, we devote separate pages to the two most prominent threads of development, while not implicitly discounting others. It is then left to the reader to mix and match features that best satisfy personal needs and resources. The finished project thereby becomes an extension of one’s own consciousness and understanding.

Renown IBM research scientist Marcel Vogel operating his self-made radionic instrument